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New Ability Energy

Established in 2022 by visionary leaders in the energy sector, New Ability Energy has rapidly emerged as a transformative force in the world of sustainable energy solutions. Born out of an acute recognition of the global energy crisis and the imperative need for innovation, the company is driven by its unwavering commitment to not just supplementing the energy market but reshaping it entirely. Embracing cutting-edge research and pioneering advances in renewable sources, storage solutions, and smart grid technologies, New Ability Energy stands as both a beacon and a movement, championing a future where sustainable energy is the norm and promising a brighter, more efficient world for generations to come.

Our Story

From Qingdao to Australia, two ambitious dreamers came together in 2022 to rewrite the energy story. Drawing from their Qingdao roots and now fueled by the Australian sun, they founded New Ability Energy.

Driven by a passion for sustainability, they set out to harness the power of solar PV, illuminate paths with efficient LED lighting, and bring warmth through innovative hot
water systems.

Their journey, ignited by a shared vision, bridges cultures and continents. Today, New Ability Energy stands tall as a symbol of innovation, where the dreams of two friends illuminate a greener, brighter future.

Welcome to the New Energy Era. Welcome to New Ability Energy.

About Us

we're at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions

Our aim goes beyond lighting homes, we’re dedicated to preserving a thriving planet for future generations.

Our Mission

To empower customers with advanced energy solutions, fostering a greener tomorrow.

Our Vision

A future where sustainable energy is the norm, driving global change and innovation.

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Discover Why Partnering with Us Makes a Difference

From Our Inception to the Present, We’ve Upheld Principles of Excellence, Continued Learning, and an Unmatched Dedication to Our Craft and Clients

Customized Solutions

Every home and business has unique needs. We provide tailored energy solutions that fit perfectly with your individual requirements and objectives

Industry-Leading Expertise

With years of experience in the energy sector, our team offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise, ensuring you always get the best guidance and service

Continuous Innovation

In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, we're always on the forefront. Our dedication to incorporating the latest advancements keeps you ahead of the curve

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, no unexpected charges. We pride ourselves on clear, upfront pricing, so you always know what you're paying for and why

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New Ability Energy


Qualifications & experience

  • Fluent English communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Proven ability in business development and sales, with a track record of achieving targets.
  • Knowledge and interest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices.
  • Technical background in engineering or related field preferred.
  • Relevant industry experience is a plus.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Sell our eco-friendly solutions like solar power, energy storage, LED lighting upgrades, and efficient appliances.