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ESS policy

Financial Incentives for Efficient Hot Water Heater Upgrades

The NSW government's ESS policy offers incentives for upgrading hot water heater pumps. This program encourages homeowners and businesses to replace their old and inefficient hot water heater pumps with newer, more energy-efficient models. By doing so, participants can receive financial incentives to offset the cost of the upgrade, while also reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint. The goal of this policy is to promote the adoption of cleaner and more sustainable energy practices, while also helping consumers save money and improve their quality of life.

Why Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Offering unparalleled energy efficiency and consistent warmth, this system isn't just an upgrade, it's a forward-thinking choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Discover the future of hot water solutions with our Heat Pump Hot Water System:

Low Maintenance Costs

Energy Efficiency

Space Efficient

Renewable Energy Source

Long Lifespan


NSW energy upgrades program

NSW's Push for Sustainable Energy

The New South Wales government is proactively championing a greener future with the introduction of the NSW Energy Upgrades Program. This initiative is designed to motivate both homeowners and businesses to embrace energy-efficient practices. By offering incentives and support for adopting sustainable technologies and solutions, the program aims to reduce overall energy consumption in the region.

Empowering NSW with Sustainable Choices

Empowering NSW with Sustainable Choices and Tangible Rewards

Wide Operating Range

Operates as low as 5°C in ECO mode & between -20°C & 45°C with additional E-heat

Tank-Wrapped Condenser Coil

For efficient heat transfer & preventing water contamination

Auto Disinfection

Providing intuitive operation & helpful functions such as temp setting, timer & safety lock

Power Outage Memory

Protecting the condenser from icing for complete peace of mind

Low Operating Noise

Operating at a very low 48/49 dBA you will hardly know it’s there!

Work Process

Your Path to Clean Energy

Navigating Solar Installation with Precision and Care



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Installation Process

We will schedule a suitable time for the installation to take place. Our professional team of qualified plumbers and electricians will safely remove your old system and install your new one hassle free.


Enjoy your sevice

We aim to provide a smooth and safe process to ensure you get to enjoy your hot water and energy bill savings sooner rather than later

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