The Complete Clean Energy Solution

Power your home with clean energy

LAVO Life goes beyond lighting up homes with clean energy; it’s about propelling your energy transition journey with efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. Our best-in-class app allows full tracking of your entire system across energy production, storage and consumption.

Our Advantages

Why choose LAVO Life?

LAVO’s Tier One solution is one of the most affordable on the market.

Full integration

No more matching multiple components from different manufacturers. Get a system designed to work in harmony as one

Long-term reliability

long warranties and robust hardware designed to keep your home running for years to come

Excellent design

slim and compact units that integrate into your home, easily, accessibly

Total control

detailed live visibility over your green energy usage for ongoing cost savings, usage tips and cumulative CO2 avoidance

Products and Services

The premium clean home energy solution

LAVO Life is a Tier 1 system of high quality and performance, including solar panels, battery and inverter unit, electric vehicle charger, and mobile app

Solar panels

Solar panels

Maximise your power capture for at least 25 years, with clever design to reduce the impact of shadows and microcracks and large cell size for superior energy yield

All-in-One Battery and inverter

All-in-One Battery and inverter

Optimise your energy management with the All-in-One inverter and battery.
The incombustible, non-toxic battery offers high performance charge and discharge, and adapts to your power needs with self-power, backup & load-shifting modes.

Electric vehicle charger

Electric vehicle charger

Swap high petrol prices for clean power from the sun with the AC home charger, featuring smart control and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity.

LAVO Life energy use app

LAVO Life energy use app

Full transparency over your real-time energy generation and usage in the intuitive mobile app. Check your battery charge, see ongoing cost savings, and cumulative CO2 avoidance.

The system offers: Seamless plug-and-play installation, Sleek, minimalist design, Superior safety, Long warranties, Tangle-free, family-friendly connection

Eco-Friendly Choice with LAVO Life

LAVO Life for safe, clean homes

LAVO set out to make solar easier than ever, to get more homes running on clean energy

Built to endure

extreme heat and knocks, thanks to the super long-life lithium iron phosphate (LifePO4) batteries - the safest, most durable, option. Incombustible and don’t release flammable gases when hit or short-circuited.


no nooks and minimal cabling to keep out snakes and rodents and protect kids and pets


manganese, nickel and cobalt-free


long-term warranties to protect your investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Powering Homes, Preserving Nature. Your journey to carbon neutrality starts here.


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