LED Lighting

ESS Policy

Elevate Your Illumination Experience

The NSW government's ESS policy includes a program to encourage the replacement of inefficient lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.

This program offers incentives to businesses and households to upgrade their lighting, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

It is part of the government's efforts to promote sustainability and combat climate change.

Why LED?

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, have transformed the world of lighting. Here's why:

Durable and Robust

Reduced UV Emissions

Instant Light

Rapid Cycling

Cost Savings


Customized Solutions

Every space is unique, and so are its lighting requirements. At New Ability Energy, we assess, design, and implement LED lighting solutions tailored for:

  • Residential Interiors
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Industrial Units
  • Outdoor Landscapes

Smart Lighting – The Future is Now

At New Ability Energy, our expertise doesn’t just shine—it illuminates. Driven by our foundational belief in sustainable innovation, we’ve carved out a niche in the realm of LED lighting, setting new standards in efficiency, design, and performance. 

Why New Ability Energy is Your Premier Choice

Illuminating Spaces with Unmatched LED Expertise and Energy-Efficient Solutions

Unparalleled Expertise

Years of experience have honed our skills, making us industry leaders in LED technology.

Tailored Solutions

Every space is unique, and we customize our LED offerings to perfectly match your needs.

Transparent Pricing

With us, there are no surprises. We provide clear and upfront pricing for all our services.

Work Process

Steps to Delivering Exceptional LED Solutions

Guiding You Through Every Stage of LED Integration


Site Assessment

A site assessment will be done in order to check the eligibility of the premises


Book a Time

Book a suitable with us to install your new energy efficient LED’s



A-Grade Electrician will perform the installation professionally

Right Advice

Our passionate energy saving experts will come up with genuine advice based on evaluation of your energy needs, your system size, economics involved and availability of subsidies as well as local permits.

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